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Nestle 9871616269 PEPTAMEN 8OZ 24/cs


Nestle 9871616269 PEPTAMEN 8OZ 24/cs


Peptamen Complete Isotonic Liquid Elemental Diet is formulated to provide complete or supplemental nutritional support in an easily absorbed form for patients with impaired gastrointestinal function.

Patients benefiting from Peptamen may include those with short bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, malabsorption syndromes, pancreatic insufficiency, chronic diarrhea, radiation enteritis and delayed gastric emptying.

Peptamen may also be useful as a dual feeding with TPN or as a transition diet from TPN.

Peptamen in the UltraPak System is packaged in a prefilled, non-air-dependent closed system to reduce set-up time, minimize the potential for bacterial contamination, decrease waste and provide the flexibility of a hang time of up to 48 hours.

Note: Peptamen contains ingredients (i.e., partially hydrolyzed whey protein from cows milk protein) that may not be appropriate for individuals with food allergies.