Ensure Plus 64907 Strawberry 8oz. Recloseable Screw Top Carton cs/24 – Advanced Healthmart
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Ensure Plus 64907 Strawberry 8oz. Recloseable Screw Top Carton cs/24 by Abbott - Advanced Healthmart


Ensure Plus 64907 Strawberry 8oz. Recloseable Screw Top Carton cs/24 by Abbott


Ensure plus, helping you gain or maintain a healthy weight

Ensure plus has changed! It has moved from aluminum cans to a recloseable screw top carton. Same formula, different look.

A source of Complete, Balanced Nutrition®.
• High in calories (1.5 Cal/mL) and excellent source of protein (13 g/serving).
• Immune Balance, a unique blend of prebiotic fiber to help promote digestive tract health and antioxidants to support the immune system.
• Excellent source (650 mg/8 fl oz) of plant-based omega-3 fatty acid ALA (40% of 1.6 g DV) to support heart health.
• Excellent source of 24 essential vitamins and minerals.
• Good source of fiber (3 g scFOS®/serving) to help maintain regularity.

Not for IV Use
Gluten Free
Suitable for Lactose Intolerance
Not for Patients with Galactosemia



Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Tammy L.

Great product!

Antionette f.s.
For sure

It's everything it says it is and more. When I got really sick and couldn't eat or hold anything down on my stomach I depended on this and it worked kept me healthy gave me back my weight drinking three to four actually five cans a day of this Ensure thanks to the VA hospital and thank God for me being able to speak for myself and speak to the nutrition and tell her honestly what was going on with me I regain my weight and maintaining a balanced diet I don't need a lot I am not 6.0 on my cholesterol and thank God I don't have high blood pressure or diabetes I was on the verge of being there but thank God for the Ensure it help me crave my appetite for not wanting to eat into wanting to eat and gain my healthy balance diet it didn't give me the runs or make me gassy because I am lactose intolerant and who is lactose intolerant can rest assured that this product is great for those who are like me lactose intolerant they crave my my stomach and it helped me maintain a balanced healthy weight .At one time I was 286 lb I went down to 150 and 6 years later my unhealthy eating and not concentrating on my healthy weight my groupglucose was high and my cholesterol was higher like I said 6.0 and now I am at a 3.2 cholesterol thank you Jesus and thank you all for creating Ensure Plus God bless everybody and give it a try I love the vanilla that's the only one I've like is the vanilla.



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