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Coaguchek XS Test Strip by Roche, 24 strip box

Coaguchek XS Test Strip by Roche, 24 strip box

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The CoaguChek XS system, is dedicated to patients on VKA therapy testing at home or on the go. 


CoaguChek system devices allow to measure the PT Time within one minute and with a single drop of blood. CoaguChek PT test strips are used by patients in the home and by professionals in medical settings to determine blood clotting time of patients taking anti-coagulants, also known as blood thinners, and to diagnose some disease conditions.


It produces results equivalent to those obtained with reference laboratory methods and also compares very closely to the professional systems, the CoaguChek XS Plus and XS Pro systems, as it uses the same technology and the same strips. Having patients use the same type of meter for PT/INR self-testing that you use at the point of care may make it easier for you to work together to manage their anticoagulation therapy effectively.


Specifically designed for healthcare professionals to enable on-the-spot analysis of coagulation levels during mobile emergency treatment, in hospital and in general practice. Roche's coagulation monitoring systems empower healthcare professionals to make immediate, knowledge-based adjustments to anticoagulation therapy with minimum inconvenience to patients. 


Patients feel more independent yet secure in the knowledge that you are still closely guiding them. This will benefit your relationship with these patients, while givng you quality time for other important work. 


More than two million patients on VKA around the world are currently tested with a system: you can therefore feel confident that you are making the right decision when selecting today a CoaguChek XS system for your selected and trained patients testing at home.




CoaguChek XS key benefits: 

  • Accurate and flexible technology
  • Accurate, precise results in one minute 
  • The only system to perform onboard quality control and determine patient results in a single test chamber 
  • Neutralizes therapeutic levels of heparin and LMWH 
  • INR corrected for hematocrit within specified range – manage a broad array of patients with one device


Easy and convenient to use: 

  • Small sample size (8μl) for easy dosing 
  • Strip allows dosing from either top or side for simple blood application 
  • 21-month strip shelf life from production* – no refrigeration needed 
  • Outside meter blood application – minimizes potential for cross-contamination 
  • Small, battery-powered, handheld meter for portability and efficiency 
  • Efficient and cost-effective 
  • New onboard controls – no liquid QC necessary 
  • Auto-on with strip insertion and auto-off capabilities 
  • Testing, treatment and potential revenue capture in one appointment 
  • Fingerstick test that patients prefer – no need for venous sampling 



24 strips per box 

*- General expiration once shipped from the manufacturer is close to 12 months. 

This version is for PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY.

For At-Home use call Roche at 800-780-0675

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