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First Responder Smartphone MicroUSB Emergency Medical ID bracelet - Advanced Healthmart

Advanced Healthmart

First Responder Smartphone MicroUSB Emergency Medical ID bracelet

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Product is expected to begin shipping in August/2016.

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Saving time during an emergency can save your life.

Carry all of the emergency medical information you need with you at all times.

Do you or a loved one have any type of serious allergy our medical condition that could require emergency medical assistance? 


Before now there were very few options to solve this issue.


Everyone is familiar with the standard emergency medical ID bracelets. They require engraving and you have a limited amount of space on which  to get important medical information. 

Then there are the newer USB ID bracelets. But, how many people carry around a laptop that would allow you to access the information on those bracelets?


Now there is the First Responder Smartphone Medical ID Bracelet!   


The First Responder Smartphone bracelet can help to communicate essential medical information faster to any EMS provider or person giving aid on the scene of a "distress" situation. 

With it's plug-and-play compatibility, the I.D. does not require you or any first responder to download an app in order to access basic triage information


"How do EMT's gather information from disoriented people while doing on scene triage" As best as they can and then they fill in the blanks from a driver's license or later at a hospital.

"Can gathering triage information quickly reduce the amount of time before a person in medical distress receives care?" Yes.

"How can the current emergency medical ID be improved to speed up emergency on scene care?" Add easily accessible data storage.

"What tool does pretty much everyone have with them at all time that can help in an emergency situation?" Your Phone!


It will also dramatically increase the number of people that could possible assist a person in distress by having the ability to connect with any emergency contact or fully inform any 911 operator.

    You can easily store:
  • Name
  • Positive picture identification
  • Emergency contact numbers, which can be called or sent a text direct from any smartphone
  • Allergies
  • Current medical conditions
  • Current medications
  • Primary Care physician OR  You can easily load an Identification video for a loved one or child.
The Bracelet includes:
  • 8gb storage capacity
  • Standard USB adapter for loading data
  • Recommended information template

Highly recommended for people with:

  • Diabetes
  • Alzheimer's or any stage of Dementia (Video Recommended in addition to basic information)
  • Food Allergies (peanut allergy, wheat/gluten)
  • Medication Allergies
  • Lost Children(Video Recommended)
  • Medical care restrictions (D.N.R./ do not resucitate)
  • Any other medical condition


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