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Drive Medical

TC00503 Replacement upholstery for Drive Medical TC005GY Travelite Transport Chair

TC00503 Replacement upholstery for Drive Medical TC005GY Travelite Transport Chair

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 This is the one piece replacement upholstery for the Travelite Transport chair.


How to change upholstery on the TC005

1.     Start with one side and identify screw number 1. Identify bolts and nuts number 2 and 3.

2.    Partially fold the TC005 to relief tension on the upholstery.  Remove screw number 1.

3.    Remove bolt and nut number 2.  Remove the push handle from the TC005 and upholstery.

4.    Remove bolt and nut number 3.  Use the arm rest to remove the folding hinge assembly and arm by twisting back and forth.

5.    Remove the back of the upholstery off the back post.

6.    Remove the seat slide tube retaining screw.

7.    Pry the seat slide tube upwards to free it from the mount.

8.    Slide the seat slide tube from the mount.

9.    Remove the seat slide tube from the upholstery. Repeat steps 1 through 9 for the other side.  Install new upholstery in reverse.

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    Customer Reviews

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    Sylvana F.

    Great! Perfect fit!

    Charles E.T.
    Travelite Seat Cushion

    Perfect fit!

    Peggy B.
    Perfect fit

    Perfect fit and replacement cover for my wheelchair. Thought I was going to have to buy a new chair until I discovered this replaced seat. Thank you

    JOHN S.

    Good as expected.

    LUIS E.G.

    Excellent service in its entirety from your company from the purchase until the last tracking in eu, and although I received the purchase in Mexico which contrasts terribly wrong with its great service by the tremendous delays of a bad mail system, I received my package and I Install as it should be, 100% satisfaction of your company and its service fully recommended.