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Silent Knight PC1000 Pill Crusher Pouch bx/1000 - Advanced Healthmart

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Silent Knight PC1000 Pill Crusher Pouch bx/1000


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The Silent Knight® does not function alone. Its companion item the patented Silent Knight® Pill Crusher Pouch is essential to guarantee maximum performance while reducing cost, waste, malfunction and lost time. The pouch’s distinctive curved bottom structure assures full recovery of crushed medication. The thick, durable construction effectively reduces pharmaceutical cross contamination and eliminates loss of medication.

  • Use with Silent Knight pill crusher
  • Durable plastic that doesnt tear
  • Cost effective
  • No clean-up required after use
  • Helps prevent cross-contamination and incidental closing


Medications should never be crushed without the approval of a pharmacist and the express written order of a physician.



Three easy steps:

Step 1. Place pill(s) into Silent Knight Pill Crusher Pouch. Lift handle and place pouch down between the crusher plates to initiate crushing.



Step 2. Press handle down to crush pill(s). Lift handle and pull pouch upward to half way up the crusher plates.


Step 3. Then press the handle down to activate grinding movement. Press handle down several times to grind pill(s) into fine powder. Repeat if needed. Then remove the pouch and add the medication to an appropriate serving medium for administration.


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