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PTS DIAGNOSTICS 3070 A1C Now Self Check 4 test kit

PTS DIAGNOSTICS 3070 A1C Now Self Check 4 test kit

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A1CNow Self Check is well-suited for diabetes patients whose doctors recommend they check their A1C four times per year.


  • Administer quarterly A1C tests at home
  • Save time traveling back and forth from in-office visits and lab appointments
  • Save money on the cost per test

The American Diabetes Association (ADA) recommends A1c testing to determine a patient’s average blood glucose control. For patients whose therapy has changed or who are not meeting glycemic goals, the A1c test should be performed quarterly. The A1c test should be performed at least two times a year in patients who are meeting treatment goals and who have stable glycemic control.

• Results in 5 minutes
• Small (5µL) blood sample
• Perfect for home use
• Easy to use - minimal training required


Kit contains:
1 - A1CNow+ Monitor
4 - Single Use Cartridges
4 - Sample Dilution Kits
1 - Product Insert / Procedure Guide

  • Every meter is factory calibrated - no daily controls and no maintenance
  • On-the-spot results allow for better diabetes treatment management
  • Patients who get immediate feedback may lower their A1C by up to 1%
  • Lowering A1C levels reduces the risks of long term complications.
  • No refrigeration if used within four months(refrigeration is required prior to use.)


The standard expiration date range is 6 to 10 months. Printed expiration can be followed if kept refrigerated. If the tests are put into use immediately and left out, estimate for 4 months from the start of use before the tests will expire from heat exposure.



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