PDI Sani-Cloth PLUS XL 7.5"x15" Disinfectant wipe Q85084 tub/65 – Advanced Healthmart
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PDI Sani-Cloth PLUS XL 7.5"x15" Disinfectant wipe Q85084 tub/65


PDI Sani-Cloth PLUS XL 7.5"x15" Disinfectant wipe Q85084 tub/65


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When it comes to value, Sani-Cloth® Plus gets the job done. Effective against microorganisms commonly found in healthcare environments. Compatible with a broad range of hard non-porous surfaces and equipment found in healthcare environments.

Sani-Cloth Plus has an overall contact time of 5 minutes. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the overall contact time is the time it takes the product to disinfect all the microorganisms on the disinfectant’s master label.

Sani-Cloth plus has a shelf life of 24 months from date of manufacture. This expiration date is stamped directly on the product.


The routine use of PPE is not required unless potentially infectious blood or other bodily fluids are present, especially HIV, HBV, and HCV. You should wear PPE as appropriate with your facility exposure control plan. In compliance with good industrial and health hygiene, you should minimally wear gloves when cleaning and disinfecting in a patient setting; however, according to the label instruction if blood and bodily fluid is not present, the use of gloves or other PPE is not required to handle the product, particularly in non-clinical settings unless bloodborne pathogens are present. Follow label instructions.


Sani-Cloth Plus benefits:

  • Meets CDC, OSHA and CMS Tag F441 guidelines
  • Bactericidal, Virucidal
  •  Compatible with a broad range of surfaces* and equipment found in healthcare environments.
  • Pre-saturated with the correct amount of germicidal solution – reduce waste and save time.
  • Ideal for use in alternate care settings including physician and dental offices.
  • 3 minute disinfectant kill time


Effective against 16 microorganisms in 3 minutes including 

the following bacteria and viruses:1



• HIV-1



• Herpes Simplex Type 2


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