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NU-FIT ADULT BRIEFS Medium - NU-012/1 - 32"-44" - Case of 96 - Advanced Healthmart

First Quality

Nu-Fit Adult Briefs, Medium NU-012/1 32-44inch 96/cs


The NU-FIT Adult Briefs by First Quality, the company behind Prevail incontinence products. The product has several amazing features: 

  • Cloth-Like Outer Fabric: A soft, breathable outer fabric that is more comfortable for the wearer and reduces the risk of skin irritation from the traditional plastic backed Adult Incontinence Product. 
  • Easy-Lock Fastener (ELF): ELF reattaching advanced numbered closure tabs securely grip and hold the outer fabric without being sticky. ELF will not stick to gloves or skin but will attach anywhere on the outer fabric for easier application and a customized fit.  
  • Target Acquisition Zone: Advanced core design and fast absorbing Blue Stay-Dry Strip significantly improves skin dryness and reduces the potential for leakage, improving odor control, skin health and wearer comfort.  
  • Fecal Containment Zones: Scientifically designed target area that locks up loose stool for improved containment and healthier skin. Refasten Zone: With the new ELF closure system the entire outer cover of the brief is a refasten zone, allowing for multiple tab refastening for improved fit, accurate sizing and cost savings through reduced waste.  
  • Enhanced Breathable Zones: Ventilated waist panels allow air to freely migrate to the wearer, improving skin health and comfort by reducing heat build up. 


Protection Level:              Moderate to Heavy 


Sizing information: 

Medium - NU-012/1 - 32"-44" - 6 bags of 16 (96) 

Large - NU-013/1 - 45"-58" - 4 bags of 18 (72)

X-Large - NU-014/1 - 59"-64" - 4 bags of 15 (60)


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