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JUVEN 54000 Unflavored Drink Mix with Revigor 0.85oz/24g Box/30


JUVEN 54000 Unflavored Drink Mix with Revigor 0.85oz/24g Box/30




Juven's unique blend of Revigor (source of HMB, an amino acid metabolite), Arginine and Glutamine—naturally existing in the body—is clinically shown to begin to support tissue building.1,2,3 Building new tissue can help your body to repair after injury, surgery or wounds. Healing from an injury, surgery or wound is complex, and many factors, including nutritional status, can affect outcomes. A proper diet is essential for building tissue but sometimes calories and protein are not enough. This is when Juven may help.




Use under medical supervision 



  • Revigor helps produce new tissue by slowing muscle breakdown and enhancing protein synthesis 
  • Arginine is an amino acid that promotes nutrient rich blood flow and is a building block for proteins which can contribute to healing 
  • Glutamine is an amino acid that helps cells produce the building blocks needed for new tissue 



Key nutrients to support tissue building 

Helps build new tissue when your body needs it the most - after injury, surgery and wounds 



Contains no fruit juice

sold by the box of 30 packets