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Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp with Dimmer - Advanced Healthmart

Advanced Healthmart

Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp with Dimmer


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Himalayan sea salt lamps are said to improve air quality by increasing the amount of negative ions in the air that are reales from the heated salt.

Brand: JIC Gem


  • Special Material: Salt lamp is made from Natural Himalayan salt crystals hand mined in the Himalayan mountains
  • 1Pcs: These lamps are about 6-7" tall and usually have a diameter of 4-5", Himalayan Salt Lamps from the Himalayan Mountains
  • Natural Air Purifier for a room size of 30-40SF, Or you may select 2 for a 60-80SF room.Double size the purify function will be double
  • Principle: Once lit, the heated salt trapps positive Ions and releases negative Ions cleaning and deodorizing the ambient through hygroscopy. Suitable for alleviate allergy and asthma symptoms
  • Receive: Salt lamp will be similar to the one pictured, come with a 125V 75W 6ft. cord (25W bulb included)

Details: Product Detail:
-Natural Air Purifier
-Suitable for: the head of a bed, sitting room, study, office ect.

About Our Himalayan Salt Lamp:

A Himalayan Salt Lamp is created from Himalayan mined salt. The light glows through the medium of the salt crystal,
which can range in colour from a dark salmon pink to a pale orange. Salt lamps make attractive accent lights.
Their main attraction, however, is that the heating of the salt reportedly causes the crystal to release negative ions (often called simply 'ions').
Negative ions have long been considered healthy; the sea air, mountain air and
the air around swiftly running water is high in negative ions. Indoor air, recirculated air, and air around electronic equipment is very low in negative ions.
Many office workers who suffer health complaints around fluorescent lighting and computer monitors report considerably less fatigue and headaches if the concentration of negative ions
in the air is increased.At Original Salt Lamps we truly love the beauty and ambience a Salt Lamp can bring to your home or office.
We prefer to sell our lamps on their aesthetic beauty and on the fact that they make such unique gifts, as no two Salt Lamps can ever be the same.
Using Natural salt from the foothills of the Himalayas that began forming over 250 million years ago when the continental
shelves collided and formed the beautiful mountain range, Original Salt Lamps has been able to
provide a lamp that is both beautiful to look at, and soothing to be around.

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