Abena Abri-Form Premium Junior Incontinence Brief, X-Small 128/cs, 430 – Advanced Healthmart
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Abena Abri-Form Premium Junior Incontinence Brief, X-Small 128/cs, 43050CS - Advanced Healthmart


Abena Abri-Form Premium Junior Incontinence Brief, X-Small 128/cs, 43050CS


The Abri-Form Junior is a unique product solution that bridges the gap in the market between the largest diaper for children and the smallest adult continence product; smaller leg cut and a better fit is achieved with the narrower core without compromising the absorbency.

Abena’s youth diapers offer a narrower core and a smaller leg cut, which makes them a perfect choice as incontinence diapers for teenagers. It is designed to look more like ordinary underwear with printed textil-like backsheet. Strong curved elastics and flexible tapes give an optimum and variable fit, also making this junior incontinence product a suitable solution when looking for diapers for disabled children.

Abri-Form Junior is fully breathable and has a specially designed non-woven sub-layer which spreads the liquid providing quicker absorption and makes the user feel dry even after leakage.

Abri-Form Junior is Abena’s disposable diapers for teenagers and children, designed specifically to fit juniors between 5-15 years that suffer from quick and uncontrolled urination.

  • White
  • 1500mL Capacity
  • 19-3/5" to 23-3/5" Waist
  • Chlorine- and Latex-Free

Strategically designed surface inlet channels ensure instant absorption for extended wear, healthy skin and peace-of-mind.






Engineered with super absorbent materials and anatomically designed barriers to reduce the chance of leakage.





Advanced odor control system and innovative core locks away wetness and odor for a confident, worry-free experience.


Fully breathable backsheet promotes a cooler, more comfortable wearer experience while promoting skin health.


  • Extra protection against leakage on the sides, front and back.
  • Elastic tapes allow free movement.
  • Curved elastics fit to children's legs.
  • No plastic.
  • Narrow between legs.
  • Full breathability.
  • Wetness indicator to allow timely changing and economic use.
  • Dermatologically tested; reduces risks for allergies.

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