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Presto ABB11051 Breathable Brief X-Large - Advanced Healthmart


Presto ABB11051 Breathable Brief X-Large


Presto® Moderate Absorbency Brief, XL (8'' to 64'' Waist) Beige

Dual core significantly increases the ability to wick and lock fluid away from the skin, resulting in superior performance and user satisfaction. Advanced OdorSecure™ technology reduces the amount of ammonia formed in the absorbent core, preventing odors before they begin. Core is thinner and more discreet, providing a more comfortable, dignified fit. Swift & Soft™ advanced acquisition layer technology is the softest, highest performing acquisition layer on the market. Cloth-like softness that feels great and doesn’t irritate the skin.

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Qty per CASE: 4 (BG of 15 EA) 

HCPCS: A4520