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Hydrofilm Transparent Dressing

Advanced Healthmart

Hydrofilm Transparent Dressing




Reliable transparent adhesive film dressings that protect wounds from bacteria and water.






High moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR)


Hypoallergenic adhesive


Transparent, waterproof film


Conform to body contours with a low profile


Numbered and colored application guides


Hydrofilm Plus includes an absorbent, non-stick pad






Prevents moisture build-up under dressings to avoid peel-off


Secures dressing on the skin comfortably for longer wear time


Allows wound assessment without dressing removal. Enables patient to shower with dressing in place while providing a barrier to bacteria.


Secure and reliable fit


Easy-to-follow steps that can be performed with one gloved hand


Hydrofilm Plus wicks exudate away from wound without sticking to the wound bed






Hydrofilm should not be used as a primary dressing on clinically infected, bleeding or heavily secreting wounds.






Hydrofilm is for use as a post-operative and primary dressing to protect against secondary infection and to cover non-exudating wounds


Hydrofilm is also ideal for use as a secondary dressing for fixation of catheters or cannulae, or as a secondary dressing to cover primary calcium alginates such as Sorbalgon


Hydrofilm Plus is for use in the care and protection of light to moderate exudating wounds including minor cuts, burns and scrapes


Available sizes

685755  - 2.4” X 2.75” bx/10


685757 - 4” X 5” bx/10


685759  - 4” X 6” bx/10



685761 - 6” X 8” bx/10


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