What happened to Ensure Clear Therapeutic Nutrition?

What happened to Ensure Clear Therapeutic Nutrition?

Where are my little boxes of Ensure Clear?

If you're an Ensure Clear user, you may have found it harder to find lately. But, it hasn't gone away. It has only changed. Before you worry about the "new" taste or formula change, don't. The only change has been to the packaging. The size you are used to is the 6.8 oz juice box style container(56642 mixed berry, 56640 apple). It is now an 8 oz. screw top box. 

Here's what it looks like

As you can see, the new box packaging is a little bigger. The number of boxes per case has changed too. Here is what you should expect per case now.


With all of these changes, has the price changed?

Yes and No. 

Yes, because you now get more per case in volume. 

No, because Abbott has paid close attention to the cost per calorie and made sure to match that cost on the new packaging. 


What else has changed?

Just the product numbers. The new product numbers are 64903(Apple) and 64900(Mixed Berry).

There are some slight changes to the nutritional panel. But, this is only because you are getting more product per box. The formula has not changed!


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